Main Components of Digital Menu Board Software

Digital menu board is a lively Screen for menus, promotional items, product pictures, and even animation used by companies to market their product. Usually used by restaurants, especially by quick service restaurants, electronic boards have replaced the outdated static painted or printed signboards used previously. Advancements in LED Display technology have pushed the boundaries of digital menu boards. They are now cheaper to purchase lasts longer than previously, and have more functions than the older standard board. There are three primary variables that maximize the use of an electronic board. These are:

  1. Hardware or Equipment
  2. Software
  3. Design

Digital Menu Board Hardware

The Gear that comprises a digital board varies. Some of these boards are attached to rotating extenders and toppers to provide the board some movement and more visibility. But the center of the system of an electronic board is the LCD TV display. The LCD lets the institution show vibrant bright images and animation which will draw the customer to promotions and products that the provider offers. The management board is also important. This is mind of the electronic board system. It controls what and how a specific image is displayed on the monitor. Some innovative control boards have integrated communication capabilities to handle order taking such as in drive-through windows.Digital Menu Board software

Digital Menu Board Software

During the old days of static Boards, institutions would give the signal manufacturer a mockup or drawing of how the sign should look like. Afterwards, the signal is generated, delivered, and mounted. Having an electronic board, the picture Or display is uploaded into the controller board in which it can be programmed with a variety of options like cartoon, time of day display, and ‘Happy Hour’ rates. These may be done in-house by a trained worker or a commissioned to an expert electronic board programmer.


As mentioned, the appearance and feel of a digital menu board can be performed in-house or via an expert. So as to maximize the full potential of a digital menu board software, institution must study how best to implement an electronic screen. Factors like space, product, Promotion, and place influence the efficacy of an electronic board. There are companies prepared to offer these sorts of services. Some even provide in-house training in the design and use of the boards. With the advent of the electronic Displays, additional planning is needed to benefit from the opportunities this sort of equipment can provide. With the correct hardware, software, and design, the digital menu board can generate extra earnings than a standard painted signal would do.

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